Doctor Who TARDIS and Dalek Cupcakes [pic]

The idea of eating TARDIS and Dalek cupcakes while watching the new episodes of Doctor Who just seems like the perfect way to spend a Saturday night.  Well, making delicious looking chocolate TARDIS and Dalek cupcakes is exactly what one person did!

Flickr user seelensturm is the person who made this awesome looking TARDIS and Dalek cupcakes!  The best part is you can make them yourself!

If you are good with papercraft and want to make your own Dalek and TARDIS cupcakes, you can download the TARDIS wrapper and the Dalek wrappers over at DeviantART.  Just make sure to share with all of your Doctor Who loving friends!

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TARDIS and Dalek Cupcakes
Doctor Who TARDIS and Dalek Cupcakes

[Source:  seelensturm via Neatorama]

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