Legend of Zelda Breadstick Sword [pic]

If you parents were anything like mine, they would always tell you not to play with your food as a kid.  Well, as I have shown with the hundreds of geeky food related posts on here over the years, playing with your food is not a bad thing!  It can even be fun if you have a Legend of Zelda sword made out of a big breadstick!

Tumblr user spacekat267 did created exactly that with his awesome baking skills!  This Legend of Zelda breadstick sword even features the Triforce on the handle!  It might not work so well against many of the enemies in Hyrule, but at least you won’t have to worry about going hungry on your journey!

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Zelda Breadstick Sword
Legend of Zelda Breadstick Sword

[Source:  Tumblr]