Legend of Zelda Triforce Earrings [pic]

Generally speaking, I have always found earrings to look rather tacky on guys so I have never had any desire to get my ears pierced.  However if I did, I would definitely sport these awesome Legend of Zelda Triforce earrings!  They would go great with my hat that is covered with a ton of Hylian Crest symbols!

Well, for those that do wear earrings and love the Legend of Zelda, Esty seller lizglizz is selling this magical pair of Triforce earrings for just $18.  They may not give you the powers of the real Triforce, but they will make you look cooler than the person wearing boring old hoop earrings!

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Triforce Earrings
Legend of Zelda Triforce Earrings

[Source:  Etsy]