Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Electric Toothbrush [pic]

Despite how cool they look and how well they supposedly are for you, I have never jumped on the electric toothbrush bandwagon.  I’ve always preferred the old human powered toothbrush.  At least I did until now!

The uber geeky folks over at Firebox are selling this fantastic Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver electric toothbrush for $19.09.  Actually, it is just available for pre-order right now, but it doesn’t hurt to go ahead and order it now so you can have it as soon as it ships!  Otherwise, there is an option to be e-mailed as soon as the sonic screwdriver electric toothbrush becomes available and you can order it then.  It doesn’t say when it will be in stock, but I’d say its worth the wait no matter how long it takes!

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Sonic Screwdriver Electric Toothbrush
Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Electric Toothbrush

[Source:  Firebox via Geek Alerts]

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