This Star Wars Wedding Cake is Fantastic! [pic]

I have serious doubts that the day will ever come that I get married, but if it does, I occasionally wonder what kind of wedding cake I would want.  The possibilities are endless, but the one thing I know for sure is that I would love to have an epic cake like this Star Wars wedding cake!

This amazing Star Wars wedding cake featuring the Death Star on top and the Millennium Falcon flying through a sea of stars was created by Lisa Seidling of Cake Works.

Perhaps the most odd yet awesome thing about this cake is that the bride and groom wedding cake toppers aren’t on the top of the cake.  Its definitely unique to see them down on a lower level of the cake but considering the Death Star is on top, I can understand the decision to put them down there.  Great job Lisa and best of luck to the happy couple!

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Star Wars Death Star and Millennium Falcon Wedding Cake
Star Wars Wedding Cake

[Source:  Lisa Seidling of Cake Works via That’s Nerdalicious]

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