The Silence From Doctor Who Invades The Scream in This Shirt TODAY ONLY!

One of the more iconic iconic paintings from the world of art is Edward Munch’s “The Scream” which seems like a nice combination to go with the Silence from the Doctor Who universe considering just how scary this Silence is!  Well, for those who enjoy both Doctor Who and The Scream, then I have the t-shirt deal for you, but it is only available today!

The awesome folks over at TeeFury are having a 1 day sale of the shirt picture below called “A Scream of Silence” for just $10!  I would say that a majority of the shirt I wear are from TeeFury so if you are worried about the quality of a $10 shirt, there is nothing to be afraid of as they are quite good!  They get my seal of approval!

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Doctor Who A Scream of Silence T-Shirt
A Scream of Silence T-Shirt

[Source:  Teefury]