This TARDIS Bookshelf Might Be Bigger on the Inside [pic]

Despite the fact that I moved to e-books a few years ago, I still have a lot of books (mostly programming books) scattered around the house since I really don’t have a good place to put them.  Well, if I had a TARDIS book shelf like this Doctor Who fan, I would have the perfect place to put them!

It appears that this amazing Doctor Who inspired TARDIS bookshelf was created by Tumblr user bowtiesandginghamshirts (please correct me in the comments if this is not correct as attribution on Tumblr tends to be rather lacking much of the time).  Being a huge Doctor Who fan, I have to admit that I am insanely jealous about this TARDIS bookshelf.  I would love to have it in my house!

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 TARDIS Bookshelf
Doctor Who TARDIS Bookshelf

[Source:  bowtiesandginghamshirts via Doctor Who Crafts]

8 thoughts on “This TARDIS Bookshelf Might Be Bigger on the Inside [pic]

  1. hiya ummmm the orginal owner of this bookshelf is tumblr user bowtiesandginghamshirts, which i can promise you because I’m tumblr user bowtiesandginghamshirts and i’m staring at my bookshelf right now xD I’m so glad you like it though! Thank you so much!!!

  2. Hey Morgan! Thanks for the correction! I’m glad you brought it to my attention. I have edited the post to give you proper credit. I am very jealous as I would love to have this in my house!

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