Super Mario Bros Piranha Plant and Pipe Electrical Junction Box [pic]

Does that electrical Junction box on the outside of your house or work look ugly and stick out like a sore thumb?  Well, you could do like one person did and camouflage it as a warp pipe and piranha plant from Super Mario Bros (although you should check with the owner before doing so if you aren’t the owner).

According to Bergen Elektro og Varme, this Super Mario Bros styled electrical box was spotted by redditor AttentiveUnicorn in Cork, Ireland.  The original artist that turned this electrical junction box into this Super Mario Bros greatness is unknown so if you know who they are, let us know in the comments below so we can give them credit!

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Super Mario Bros Pipe and Piranha Plant Electrical J-Box
Super Mario Bros Pipe and Piranha Plant Electrical Junction Box

[Source: Reddit]