Amazing First Generation Pokemon Cross-Stitch [pic]

I’ve seen some pretty crazy cross-stitch creations in the past such as the Legend of Zelda stained glass cross-stitch design I posted earlier this year, but I think this Pokemon cross-stitch blows everything else I have ever seen right out of the water.

This insanely complicated Pokemon cross-stitch was created by a woman named Linda in Latvia.  It includes all of the first generation Pokemon (the only ones I ever really cared about) and cost $80 worth of materials to make.  I’m sure its pretty obvious based on just how complicated this looks to make, but it took a long time to make this impressive Pokemon cross-stitch.  In fact, it took Linda 8 months to complete this!  I would definitely say it was time well spent!

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First Generation Pokemon Cross-Stitch
Pokemon Cross-Stitch

[Source:  Linda via Geeks are Sexy]