This TARDIS DeLorean is the Car of My Dreams [pic]

Until now, the car that I have always dreamed of owning has been a 71 Barracuda convertible.  However, that has now been replaced by this amazing TARDIS DeLorean.

Unfortunately, this Doctor Who themed DeLorean isn’t real.  This TarDeLorean was created in Photoshop by artist Pacta for a DeLorean photo-manipulation contest hosted by  However, in the hands of the right kind of car lover, I suspect that making a real TARDIS version of a DeLorean wouldn’t be that difficult.

If anybody does have a DeLorean and decides to give it a TARDIS makeover, I would love to see pictures and perhaps even drive it!

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Doctor Who TARDIS DeLorean

[Via Geekologie]


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