Tetris Socks [pic]

When it comes to socks, I stick with just plain white socks unless I have to dress up for a special occasion like a wedding or something (unless my pants are long enough and I can get away with still wearing white socks).  Well, if I ever decide to start wearing something other than white socks, I would definitely want a pair of these awesome Tetris socks!

Amazon is selling these awesome K. Bell men’s Tetris socks for $10.  That seems a bit expensive for a single pair of socks, but its seems like an appropriate price for socks that are this awesome.  I don’t have any experience with K. Bell socks myself but judging by the one review on amazon, they are a good quality sock and apparently they are made in Korea (in case you care).

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Men's Tetris Socks
Tetris Socks

[Source:  Amazon via Geek Alerts]