Spectacular Skyrim Dragon Cake [pic]

When it comes to cakes, I generally prefer them to not be something that might give me nightmares.  However, this Skyrim cake is so awesome that I wouldn’t even care!

The awesome folks over at Charm City Cakes are at it again (they were the ones that made the Pirates of the Caribbean cake and Ghostbusters wedding cake seen previously on Global Geek News) with this fantastic Skyrim cake!  The detail on the dragon Alduin which sits on top of this cake is absolutely amazing!  On the scale of Skyrim greatness, this is definitely up there with the mind blowing Skyrim Alduin dragon cake I posted a while back.

There is definitely no way I would eat something this good looking!

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Skyrim Dragon Cake
Skyrim Alduin Dragon Cake

[via Between the Pages]