Spectacular Hand-Painted Super Mario Bros Shoes [pic]

When it comes to unique, hand-painted shoes like this awesome pair of Super Mario Bros shoes, I don’t think I could ever wear them.  I would give anything to have a pair of Super Mario Bros shoes like these, but working in a junk yard, they wouldn’t stay nice for very long.

However, if you would like to have an amazing pair of hand-painted shoes like these amazing Super Mario Bros shoes, I suggest contacting the folks over at What’s Shop in Bangkok, Thailand (the people who made these shoes).  I believe they take custom orders and from what I have seen of their work (these shoes and others), the pretty much blow any other shoe painters I have seen right out of the water.  If I ever decided to have some shoes painted up to look like Mario or something else, I would definitely hire these guys!

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Super Mario Bros Hand-Painted Shoes
Super Mario Bros Shoes

[Source:  What’s Shop via Fashionably Geek]

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