This Fan Made Darth Vader Mailbox is Awesome! [pic]

In my neighborhood, nobody has the traditional mailbox anymore.  Some have a little metal box attached to the side of their house at the front door or like me, just have a mail slot in the front door itself.

Well, it seems one person in an area that still uses the old fashioned mailbox decided to go postal on their mailbox and turn it into the coolest Darth Vader mailbox ever!  Unfortunately, I’m not sure who the person is that turned their mailbox into Darth Vader, but they did a great job!  The lightsaber mail flag is definitely a nice touch!

I bet their mail man thought this house was the coolest house on the block!

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Star Wars Darth Vader Mailbox
Darth Vader Mailbox

[Source:  Geeks are Sexy]