Green Lantern Pizza [pic]

Since I have never been into comic books, my knowledge of Green Lantern is fairly limited, however if there is one thing I know well, it is pizza!

I’m not sure who made this delicious looking pizza that looks like the green lantern logo, but I do have a very important question for them.  What happened to the rest of the pizza?!  I could understand making a pizza and then using what looks like green peppers to make the Green Lantern logo inside of it but to get rid of all the pizza that isn’t part of the green lantern logo just seems wasteful.  And in my book, there is no bigger crime than wasting a perfectly good pizza!

Wherever the rest of the pizza went, this Green Lantern pizza looks amazing and props to whoever the person is that made it (if you know who they are, let us know in the comments below).

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Green Lantern Pizza
Green Lantern Pizza

[Via That’s Nerdalicious]






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