Ash Cosplayer Rides a Rapidash [pic]

In the past, I have posted some very impressive Team Rocket cosplay, but this Ash and Rapidash cosplay might just be my favorite Pokemon cosplay.  Its one thing to dress up as a cool video game character such as Ash, but it is something else entirely when you get your horse to dress up with you!

The person cosplaying as Ash in this awesome Pokemon cosplay picture is DeviantART user Blashina.  The horse who is playing the part of the Rapidash is named Pearl of Light.  For those wondering, the red and gold colors on the horse are just simple feather boas.

As awesome as this picture is, I hope somebody can one up it!  I would to see somebody with a bear dressed as a Snorlax or something.

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Ash and Rapidash Cosplay
Ash and Rapidash Pokemon Cosplay

[Source:  DeviantART via Fashionably Geek]