Fantastic Dark Link Cosplay [pic]

Legend of Zelda fans are likely to be familiar with Dark Link and considering how many Legend of Zelda fans read GGN, I knew I had to post this amazing Dark Link cosplay that I came across.

The cosplayer that is sure to give you some nightmares with this fantastic Dark Link cosplay is DeviantART user InkyLink.  I’d say they did a pretty great job with this Dark Link cosplay!  The red eyes give it a really demonic look which seems quite fitting.

This is a nice change from all of the normal Link cosplay I post so if you have any other Dark Link cosplay or other Legend of Zelda cosplay you think I should post about, let me know in the comments below!

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Dark Link Cosplay
Legend of Zelda Dark Link Cosplay

[Via Fashionably Geek]