Yet Another Great Yoda Cake [pic]

It seems that Yoda cakes are all the rage these days among Star Wars fans.  Just last week, I posted a picture of a Yoda cake that even sported some ear hair, but luckily this Yoda cake is hairless which makes it a bit more appealing.

The creator of this awesome Yoda cake is Coco Paloma.  Apparently, Yoda’s body was made cake, the feet made of fondant and the head was made from Rice Krispies Treats covered in modeling chocolate and fondant.  I bet whoever ate this cake ended up with a serious sugar high!  Personally, I would hesitate to eat the cake because it looks so good that I think it needs to be preserved!  Would you eat it?  Let us know in the comments!

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Yoda Cake
Star Wars Yoda Cake

[via Between the Pages]