Mario + Monopoly = Awesome [pic]

About the only board game I ever really play is Monopoly.  However, these days I don’t play it on a game board so much as I do on my iPad, my iPod Touch or even one of my old Game Boy handhelds if I am feeling particularly nostalgic.  Unfortunately, with the digital version of Monopoly, you don’t have access to the million different types of Monopoly that you do with the actual board game.

Anyway, one fan of both Monopoly and Super Mario Bros decided to combine the two and give the go directly to jail card a Super Mario Bros inspired makeover.  Josh Mirman created this Monopoly card with Bowser hauling Mario off to the dungeon without letting him touch the flag or collecting a 1-up.  I want to play this version of Monopoly!

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Mario Monopoly Card
Super Mario Monopoly Card

[Via TigerDirect on Facebook]