Link and Zelda Coat Rack [pic]

If there is one problem I have, it would be my excess of coats and a lack of places to put them.  I don’t wear my coats very often anyway, so having a place to hang them when I am not wearing them would be rather handy.  Well, if I ever decide to get a coat rack, it will be this awesome Link and Zelda coat rack!

Etsy seller PixelAteTed is the one selling this awesome Legend of Zelda inspired Link and Zelda coat rack for $30.  This Legend of Zelda coat rack is made of fused beads and the hearts are the pegs that you hang your coat (or hat) on.  Just make sure to avoid putting this above something hot like a stove so the beads don’t melt and ruin your geektastic coat rack.

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Zelda and Link Coat Rack
Legend of Zelda Coat Rack

[Source:  Etsy via Fashionably Geek]