This Joker Tattoo is Amazing! [pic]

Having been a fan of Batman pretty much my entire life, I know just how crazy the Joker can be.  However, I don’t think he ever scared me as much as the Joker in this amazing Batman inspired tattoo!  There is nothing quite like blood dripping out of Joker’s eyes and mouth to give you the creeps!

Matthew Ellard is the cool guy sporting this amazing Joker tattoo that I think pretty much any Batman fan would be proud to have!  The artist that inked this fantastic looking tattoo was Maz at Underground Tattoo Studio in Walsall, England.  I’d say it turned out great!

Now, if only I can avoid having any nightmares after seeing this Joker tattoo, I will be very happy!

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Batman Joker Tattoo
Crazy Joker Tattoo

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  1. Manbearpig345 Avatar

    Yeah, James Holmes would love it!

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