Retro Gaming Greatness Perfect for any Wall! [pic]

One of the great things about older games is that many of them could never be beat.  Sure, you could play the game for long periods of time, but you would never get a “The End” screen after a certain number of lines cleared on Tetris for example.  Games would just get progressively harder the longer you played and that was part of what was so great about them because then it became a challenge among your friends to see who could go the longest without dying.

Well, it seems that K.J. Anderson also remembers this part of retro gaming rather fondly and made this awesome cross-stitched picture to convey this piece of gaming wisdom surrounded by Pac-Man and Space Invaders.  I would love to hang this on one of my walls!

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Retro Video Game Cross-Stitch
Retro Video Game Cross-Stitch

[Source:  K.J. Anderson via Reddit]






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