Star Trek LCARS Light Switch Cover [pic]

After recently replacing all of the wall outlets in my house (I finally upgraded from 2 prong to 3 prong), I am now on the look out for cool covers for the wall outlets and light switch covers when I came across this amazing Star Trek LCARS light switch cover!

For the Star Trek fans out there, Entertainment Earth is selling this awesome Star Trek inspired LCARS light switch cover for $14.99.  I admit that seems like a bit much for a light switch cover, but I would hardly call an LCARS light switch cover a normal light switch cover!  Now, if you were to just combine this with the giant USS Enterprise 1701-D Star Trek LCARS display print I posted recently, you could have a true Star Trek room!

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Star Trek LCARS Light Switch Cover
Star Trek LCARS Light Switch Cover

[Source:  Entertainment Earth]


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