This R2-D2 Cake is Fantastic! [pic]

I’ve posted a bunch of R2-D2 cakes in the past (4 qualifies as a bunch doesn’t it?) and while they have all been amazing, I think this one is perhaps the best!  This amazingly detailed R2-D2 cake looks like it has come straight off the battlefield and is ready to be devoured!

This “dirty” looking R2-D2 cake by the awesome folks over at Charm City Cakes and its safe to say that it turned out looking fantastic!  I’m not sure what kind of an occasion this R2-D2 cake was made for, but I would almost refuse to cut it and eat it because it looks way too good to eat!  The lights are a nice touch too!

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R2-D2 Cake
Star Wars R2-D2 Cake

[via Between the Pages]