Final Fantasy III + Monopoly = Amazing [pic]

It is so common these days to see a version of Monopoly for just about everything (including Klingon Monopoly) that it is almost annoying because its hard to pick just which version of Monopoly you really want to play.  Well, that problem gets even worse when fans start crafting their own versions of the board game and they turn out great!

In this case, Sprite-Stitch user jadely used their amazing cross-stitching skills to make this beautiful Final Fantasy III version of Monopoly!  The money is still normal Monopoly money, but otherwise everything from the game board, to the players, to the title deeds and even the chance and community chest cards have been given the Final Fantasy III treatment.

The best part is you can even make your own Final Fantasy III version of Monopoly if you have the necessary cross-stitching skills.  The source link below will take you to some additional pictures as well as the pattern for making your own!

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Cross-Stitch Final Fantasy III Monopoly Board Game
Cross-Stitch Final Fantasy III Monopoly Board Game

[Source:  Sprite-Stitch via Neatorama]


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  1. Cathy McFall Avatar
    Cathy McFall


  2. Cathy McFall Avatar
    Cathy McFall

    i cant seem to get the pattern it keeps saying file corrupted is there anyway i can get the pattern sent to me either snail mail or email? i wanna make this for my husbands birthday i know he would love it

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