Steampunk USB Drive [pic]

I tend to stick with using USB drives that are pretty plain just because using ones that are all big and fancy isn’t really practical when computer manufactures place USB ports so close together that if the drive is much bigger than the port itself, you won’t be able to use the port next to it (this is a major pet peeve of mine).

Well, for those that don’t mind taking up multiple ports with a single drive and love the world of steampunk, then I have found a USB drive you will love!

Unfortunately, I don’t know who made this amazing steampunk USB drive or if you can even buy them somewhere but it is still awesome to look at!  Whoever made this did a fantastic job and all of the hard work it took to make it was definitely worth it!

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Steampunk USB Storage Device
Steampunk USB Drive

[via Cheezburger]