Star Wars High Heel Shoes [pic]

I will never understand why women choose to wear high heel shoes.  Sure, they make the legs and butt look better but at what price?  It can’t possibly be comfortable to wear heels when they contort your feet into such an odd shape.

Well, for those women out there that like to wear high heels or can at least tolerate them, they can now look extra geeky with this amazing Star Wars high heel shoes!

Etsy seller GREENWITHENVII is selling these amazing Star Wars heels for $200. Actually, it looks like this particular pair is sold but they are taking orders for others if you happen to be interested.

I wish guys could get cool shoes with Star Wars images all over them!  That would completely my already geeky look!

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Star Wars High Heels
Star Wars High Heel Shoes

[Source:  Etsy]



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