This Iron Man Birthday Cake is Armed with Sparklers! [pics]

I enjoy a good birthday cake that looks amazing, but I have never encountered a cake that could also be deemed a fire hazard that is looking to burn down my house (I am not worried much about normal birthday candles).  Well, that is exactly what one kid turning 5 years old got!

This Iron Man cake (which seems to be a little long in the face to me) not only looks cool, but it comes armed with LED lights and even sparklers! This awesome Iron Man birthday cake was created by Artiyicious Cakes.  I’d say that Edrien definitely had a happy birthday!

I like cake and sparklers as much as the next person, I’m not sure I feel safe combining the two although I have to admit it looks cool!  I’d still probably stick with the Iron Man cake I posted previously though.

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Iron Man Birthday Cake
Iron Man Birthday Cake
Iron Man Birthday Cake On Fire
Iron Man Birthday Cake On Fire

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