Portal Warning Signs Coasters [pic]

Its never a good idea to leave a cold beverage setting on a table without a coaster, especially during a sweltering hot summer like the one we are having this year.  Not using a coaster is a great way to ruin the furniture (I’ve accidentally done this before myself) if you aren’t careful.

Well, if you are a Portal fan and are in need of coasters, I have found the coasters for you!

The awesome people over at Entertainment Earth are selling these Portal warning sign drink coasters for $19.99.  They are quite awesome if you are a Portal fan, but for those that aren’t, I recommend checking out the other coaster sets that I have posted in the past like the Legend of Zelda Triforce coasters and the Final Fantasy beverage coasters.

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Portal Warning Signs Beverage Coaster Set
Portal Warning Signs Drink Coasters

[Source:  Entertainment Earth]


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