Weeping Angel Lunch Bag Art [pic]

Of all of the reoccurring bad guys on Doctor Who, I think the weeping angels are the scariest.  I can’t even imagine having to face them if they were real because it seems near impossible to not blink for long periods of time.  However, they do make for some great lunch bag art!

Yesterday, I posted a picture of some amazing Dalek lunch bag art and today I decided it would be cool to show you guys this awesome Weeping Angel lunch bag art!  Like the Dalek lunch sack art, this Weeping Angel lunch bag art was created by the awesome dad behind the Lunch Bag Art blog that makes these awesome works of art for his kid’s lunch sacks.

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Weeping Angel Lunch Bag Art
Doctor Who Weeping Angel Lunch Bag Art

[Source:  Lunch Bag Art]