A Tusken Raider Pushes a Pod Racer Baby Stroller [pic]

Maybe it is just because kids out grow them so quickly it might not be worth the effort, but it seems like few parents bother to customize their kid’s stroller to make it look cool.

However, there is one dad that seems to have gone above and beyond when it comes to geeking out their kid’s stroller.  I’m not sure who this guy is, but apparently he turned his kids stroller into a pod racer from Star Wars.  And if that wasn’t enough, he then decided to go for a walk with it (his kid is in it of course) partially dressed up as a Tusken Raider.  This is definitely something you don’t see walking down the street every day!

If anybody knows who this dad is, please let us know so we can give him credit!  This guy is a serious contender for geek dad of the year!

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Star Wars Tusken Raider Pushes a Pod Racer Kid Stroller
Tusken Raider Pushes a Pod Racer Kid Stroller

[Source:  Star Wars on Twitter]