Hand-Painted Xbox 360 Controller Bra [pic]

When I grew up, it seemed like only guys played video games.  I honestly never met a girl that liked playing video games until high school and now it seems like I know tons of them!  Apparently they were hiding their love for video games all of those years and have finally all came out at once to proclaim their love for video games!

Well, for those women that like to wear their love for video games, then this awesome Xbox 360 controller bra might just be right for you!  Etsy seller SceeneShoes (the same seller that made the NES controller bra I posted a long time ago) is selling this awesome hand-painted Xbox 360 controller bra for $35.  This will give guys an all new reason for why they want to mash some buttons!

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Hand-Painted Xbox 360 Controller Bra
Hand-Painted Xbox 360 Controller Bra

[Source:  Etsy]