Star Trek Vulcan Salute Laptop Bag [pic]

It won’t be too long before I am in the market for a laptop bag because the straps on the backpack I am carrying are slowly coming apart (they don’t make stuff to last like they used to).  Well, when that day arrives that it is time for a new laptop bag, I want to replace my backpack with this awesome Star Trek inspired laptop bag!

Etsy seller WorldofLeathercraft is selling this awesome leather Star Trek inspired Vulcan salute laptop bag for $175.  This slightly expensive seeming Star Trek laptop bag is made out of vegetable tanned leather so I would think it would hold up pretty well but it still seems hard for me to justify spending that kind of money on a laptop bag, no matter how awesome it is!  Maybe you can!

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Star Trek Vulcan Solute Laptop Bag
Star Trek Vulcan Solute Laptop Bag

[Source:  Etsy]

2 thoughts on “Star Trek Vulcan Salute Laptop Bag [pic]

  1. Cute, but I think you mean salute, not solute. A solute is a substance dissolved in another substance (which is called a solvent).

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