Pac-Man Nike Shoes [pic]

Recently, I posted an awesome picture of a Donkey Kong Nike Dunk concept shoe that was created by Antony Hollingworth (which means you will likely never see such a shoe in stores).  Well, considering how much people like that awesome shoe, I thought I should post the Pac-Man Nike shoe design that Antony also created.

Perhaps it is just my lack of knowledge about the shoe industry that makes me think this, but I would think that Nike would have a huge hit if they started creating these Pac-Man themed Nike Dunks (or the Donkey Kong ones for that matter which would be my personal choice).  I’ve never been a Nike person (other than maybe their golf balls), but I would love to have a pair of Pac-Man tennis shoes like these!

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Pac-Man Nike Dunks Tennis Shoes
Pac-Man Nike Dunks Tennis Shoes

[Source:  Flickr via GeekTyrant]

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