Sonic Screwdriver Wedding Bouquet [pic]

I’ve posted some pretty cool Doctor Who themed wedding things that would make for a great Doctor Who themed wedding such as the Dalek wedding cake toppers and a TARDIS wedding cake, but this is the first I have ever even heard of somebody making the bride’s bouquet out of a sonic screwdriver!

This awesome sonic screwdriver bouquet features flowers made from a Sherlock Holmes story!  This Doctor Who inspired sonic screwdriver bouquet belongs to somebody going by the name Snarkbat.  The “flowers” were created by Bookworm Eats Flower and the picture was taken by Stephanie Jones Photography.

It is a shame that these aren’t for sale somewhere because I am sure a sonic screwdriver bouquet would be a hit with any Whovian bride-to-be.

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Sonic Screwdriver Wedding Bouquet
Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Wedding Bouquet

[via Neatorama]

5 thoughts on “Sonic Screwdriver Wedding Bouquet [pic]

  1. Hi there, I’m the bride who carried the flowers. “Snarkbat” would be my handle on the Offbeat Bride Tribe. You can find more images of the Dr. Who-esque things in the wedding if you go to

  2. I’m sure you can find a sonic screwdriver wherever finer geek products are sold like ThinkGeek or somewhere, but as for a bouquet like that, you will have to do that modification yourself.

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