Ms. Pac-Man Latte Art [pic]

I may not be a latte drinker, but I am a latte art lover!  You can see all of the latte art here that I have posted in the past, but this is the first time I have ever found any Ms. Pac-Man latte art to share!

A while back, I posted some Pac-Man latte art that was pretty cool, but this is the first I have seen from Ms. Pac-Man.  This awesome Ms. Pac-Man latte art was created by DeviantART user and latte artist MonkDrew.  I’d say it turned out looking pretty good!  It makes me want to run down to the arcade and play some Pac-Man but the arcade has closed up.  Now I feel old and I only turned 25 today!

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Ms Pac-Man Latte Art
Ms Pac-Man Latte Art

[Source: DeviantART via it8bit]