Awesome Super Mario Tattoo [pic]

When it comes to tattoos, I have never been a fan of the idea of getting a tattoo just to get one.  Its that kind of an attitude that usually results in something completely unoriginal and boring like a butterfly tattoo or a Chinese symbol or something.  However, I do love when geeks get amazing and unique tattoos to show off their love for whatever geeky thing they enjoy.  In this case, that is Super Mario Bros!

Some awesome guy by the name of Michael got this awesome Super Mario tattoo that features a rather prominent star surrounded by things like a question block and a piranha plant.  This sweet Mario themed tattoo was created by Niki at Dynamic Ink and Steel in Saginawm Michigan.  I turned out great!

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Super Mario Tattoo
Super Mario Tattoo

[Source:  Fashionably Geek]