Star Wars Characters in KISS Face Paint [pic]

I know that the rock and roll band KISS has a pretty hardcore following here on Earth, but until I saw this picture, I would have never guessed that they were big in a galaxy far far away as well!  I would have never thought that Yoda was a rock and roll kind of person but it seems so!

I’m not sure where this picture originated from, but the folks behind the annual Starfest Convention that takes place in Denver every year (which I almost always attend) posted this picture recently on their Facebook page.  Maybe its just me, but I think this look is actually an improvement on C-3PO although Yoda in makeup might just give me nightmares for the next week or so.

Pass this along to any Star Wars fans and KISS lovers you know!  Like us on Facebook too!

Star Wars Meets KISS
Star Wars Meets KISS

[via Starfest]






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