Donkey Kong Nike Shoes [pic]

I’ve posted a lot of awesome shoes that look really cool like the Converse Super Mario Bros shoes, but since most of the shoes I have posted are Converse shoes which I am not a big fan off, these Donkey Kong Nike shoes have a major appeal to me!  Truthfully, I’m not a huge Nike fan either, but at least I like the look of their shoes more.

Anyway, these Donkey Kong Nike Dunks were created by Antony Hollingworth and there are merely a concept which means you won’t find these on store shelves.  However, I think if Nike was to run with this idea, they could sell a lot of them and perhaps even convert some people like me to their shoes (I am a New Balance person).  Sadly, I think this shoe is a dream that is probably never going to become reality.

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Donkey Kong Nike Dunks Shoes
Donkey Kong Nike Dunks Shoes

[Source:  Antony Hollingworth via Fashionably Geek]

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