Stormtrooper Head Wooden Deck Chair [pic]

When it comes to lawn chairs or deck chairs or what have you, I have always been a big fan of those ones that you can fold up into a bag and take anywhere.  Especially when they have a footrest.  However, I would gladly exchange my fold-up chair for this amazing Stormtrooper helmet deck chair.

This amazing Star Wars inspired wooden Stormtrooper deck chair was created by gotWood workshops.  I might have to hit them up to make me one because I could really use at least one chair for my patio and I can’t think of a better chair to put out there!  Actually, I think I might prefer a Darth Vader chair but that is just because my inner dark side runs the place.

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Star Wars Stormtrooper Chair
Star Wars Stormtrooper Chair

[via Obvious Winner]






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