Doctor Who Daleks Attacking the TARDIS Quilt [pic]

In the days of Snuggie blankets, I generally look down on any blankets/quilts that don’t have sleeves.  However, occasionally, one comes along that is so awesome that it doesn’t even matter that it does have sleeves and this Doctor Who quilt is one of them!

This amazing 92″ x 92″ Doctor Who quilt was made by graverobbergirl as a wedding present.  It took her two months worth of free time to create, but it was worth every minute of it!  I can’t help but hum the Doctor Who theme while looking at this quilt featuring a ton of Daleks surrounding the TARDIS.

If this is what married couples are getting as wedding gifts these days, maybe I will reconsider my general dislike of marriage.

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Doctor Who Quilt
Doctor Who Quilt

[via Nerd Approved]






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