Mind Blowing Legend of Zelda Art Made on a 3DS [pic]

I am always amazed when artists can create something mind blowing with some software that people would have never even imagined capable of doing such a task.  I’ve seen people create things like the the Mona Lisa on MS Paint and while that is definitely an impressive accomplishment, this feels far more amazing to me.

Artist Lucsdf used a program called Colors 3D on the Nintendo 3DS to create this mind blowing Legend of Zelda picture called Zelda Zoras River.  I didn’t even know such a program existed, much less was capable of making a picture this amazing!

If you like this amazing Legend of Zelda drawing, I recommend hitting the source link below where you can watch a little time lapse video of the artwork being created.  It is amazing!

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Legend of Zelda Picture Made on a Nintendo 3DS
Legend of Zelda Picture Made on a Nintendo 3DS

[Source:  Color’s Live via Kotaku]


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