Dad Paints Amazing Legend of Zelda Nursery [pic + video]

When some people are about to become fathers, they are overcome with worry about whether they will be a good father or just hoping they don’t screw the kid up.  However, there are others that take to fatherhood like a duck takes to water and this is a tale of one of those kinds of dads.

When Cole Bradburn was getting ready to become a father, he decided to paint the baby’s nursery to look like The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.  The result is absolutely astonishing!  Below is a picture of just one wall in the room but if you want to see the whole thing, check out the video below which also includes a making of segment at the end of the video.  I officially nominate Cole Bradburn for father of the year!

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Legend of Zelda Painted Nursery
Legend of Zelda Painted Nursery

[via GeekTyrant]