Custom Tron Drag Racing Camaro [pic]

Considering I work at a salvage yard, you would never know it but I am not much of a car guy.  I do most of the work on my car (there are some things you can’t do now that cars are all computerized) and I have been known to work on other cars when asked but cars aren’t that big of an interest for me largely since I hate driving.  Well, I might be more into cars if I had this awesome Tron Camaro!

Team Turbo Legacy took this 750 hp Chevy Camaro and gave it a Tron Legacy wrap job to make it look amazing!  The Tron Legacy wrap job was done by a place called SS Customs for some exotic car show.  I normally don’t care about drag racing but I would if the cars looked like this Tron Camaro!

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Custom Tron Camaro
Custom Tron Camaro

[via Obvious Winner]





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