Doctor Who Time Lord Bathrobe [pic]

Not too long ago, I posted about a really great Doctor Who TARDIS hooded bathrobe over on my other blog, Fanboy Fashion.  However, perhaps not all Doctor Who fans want a TARDIS bathrobe which is why you now have the option of getting this awesome Time Lord hooded bathrobe as well!

The awesome people over at ThinkGeek are selling this amazing Time Lord hooded bathrobe for just $69.99!  Now you can feel like a cross between the Doctor and Hugh Hefner whenever you decide to lounge around the house in your bathrobe!  However, for those that would prefer the awesome TARDIS bathrobe, the same link works as you have to choose if you would prefer the Time Lord or TARDIS version on that page before you add the item to your cart.  Personally, I want both!

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Doctor Who Timelord Bathrobe
Doctor Who Time Lord Bathrobe

[Source:  ThinkGeek via Geek Alerts]