Amazing 3D Pac-Man Street Art [pic]

I’m not sure if it is a lack of good street artists around here or lack of a street art supporting culture, but you never see street art where I live.  Sure, the gangs like to make their presence known by tagging everything they see with graffiti, but as far as real art street art goes, you never see it around here.

Well, for those that live in the Netherlands, apparently you get to see awesome street art like this 3D Pac-Man street art!   Artist Leon Keer in Venlo, the Neterlands, painted and photographed this amazing piece of 3D Pac-Man street art.  The coloring on this 3D Pac-Man street art is beautiful but I think I find the 3D effect the most interesting part of this piece of video game art.  This is very impressive!

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3D Pac-Man Street Art
3D Pac-Man Street Art

[via Neatorama]






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