Tetris Fingernail Art [pic]

I think pretty much all of the awesome fingernail art that I have posted (most recently was the awesome 60’s Batman fingernail art) has been at least somewhat practical in that you can still use your fingers to do stuff despite them being painted up in some awesome fashion.  Well, I can’t say that about this awesome Tetris fingernail art!  It looks cool but I can’t even imagine it being possible to do much of anything with crazy shaped nails like this!

DeviantART user KayleighOC seems to have an absolute fingernail art obsession based on the look of these Tetris fingernails as well as all of the other crazy fingernail art on her account ranging from Kermit the Frog to Edward Scissorhands (quite impressive!).  If you are a fan of amazing and geeky fingernail art, she is definitely the person to follow!

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Tetris nail art
Tetris Fingernail Art

[Source:  KayleighOC via Fashionably Geek]