R2-D2 in Iron Man Cosplay [pic]

A lot of people seem to think that cosplay is just for people and their unfortunate pets who don’t get much choice when it comes to dressing up.  Well, it seems that is not exactly true because now even droids are getting into the cosplay action!

This awesome picture R2-D2 sporting its best Iron Man cosplay came across my Facebook feed this weekend thanks to the people who run the annual Starfest Convention that I usually go to.  I have no clue who actually made this Iron Man version of R2-D2 (the little signature in the corner isn’t readable), but I would say they did a fantastic job!   If you know who built this awesome Iron Man R2-D2, let us know in the comments below so they can get the credit they deserve!

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R2-D2 in Iron Man Cosplay
R2-D2 in Iron Man Cosplay

[via Starfest’s Facebook]






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