Star Wars Father and Son Cooking Aprons [pic]

With Fathers Day coming up this weekend, this felt like the perfect thing to post.  For the Star Wars loving fathers that like to get their sons involved in the kitchen, these Star Wars themed cooking aprons would be the perfect gift!

Etsy seller bellalise is the creator of this awesome set of Star Wars cooking aprons depicting Darth Vader (the dad apron) and Luke Skywalker (the kid apron).  Unfortunately, they are sold out right now but from the product description, I would expect it to be re-listed sometime soon since they are made to order.

If there is a geekier way to celebrate the bond between a Star Wars loving father and son for Fathers Day, I haven’t seen it!

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Father and Son Star Wars Cooking Aprons
Father and Son Star Wars Cooking Aprons

[Source:  Etsy via That’s Nerdalicious]