DIY Star Wars Lightsaber Earrings [pic]

For the Star Wars loving earring wearers out there, I have found the perfect earrings for you!  Lightsaber earrings!

If you have always thought it would be cool to dangle a pair of lightsabers from your ears, now you can!  And you can make them yourself!

Instructables member CreativeToto posted a DYI guide for creating your own lightsaber earrings like the ones in the picture below.  For those who aren’t a fan of red lightsabers, of course you can substitute it with whatever color you want.  Head over to Instructables for the guide to making your own lightsaber earrings.

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Star Wars Lightsaber Earrings
Star Wars Lightsaber Earrings

[Source:  Instructables via Bonnie Burton]

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